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求 WhEn You'rE GonE 寂静岭的歌词 是

歌名:When You're Gone (feat. Mary Elizabeth McGlynn) 语言:英语 歌手:山冈晃 所属专辑:Silent Hill: Shattered Memories Soundtrack 歌词: Did I wait too long等待太漫长 Moments gone转瞬间 They're now wasted时光作废 Coming back t...

When you're gone singer: Mary Elizabeth McGlynn From 破碎的记忆 Did I wait too long? Moments gone—they’re now wasted Coming back to home—it feels wrong: changes haunt me. And the pain before leave me lost confused, searching. E...

Mary Elizabeth McGlynn-When you're gone 下载'regone.mp3


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