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求一首欧美女声歌 歌词里有somEonE likE you 隔几...

Swear I made up my mind When I saw you that first time It’s like you were send from the sky The love you hear about That you just can’t do without Baby that’s you and I Always believed there was something more Through every emp...

hate的te可以不读,直接连to turn和up直接n和up连一起读(以下简称连读) of轻读 the不读 but直接读b,带过就行 fight it连读 'd不读 hoped直接读hope and 可以读an be轻读 that的t不用出声 isn't 和over连读 就这么多,其实多读几遍也能溜下来

这首歌叫Losing the love There are days when I regret it The things I said to you I put my trust in no one It broke my heart and I blamed it on you You were kind and oh so gentle But I refused to see That someone like you existe...

有缘人你是哪位啊,我今天也在找你说的那首歌,不过最终被我找到了: joy enriquez-losing the love


because of you?听听看

someone like you

是,是 Adele 唱的


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