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I have none. I don't have it.

No, I didn't. 不我没有 你做了家庭作业吗?不,我没有。 Did you do your homework? No, I didn't. “你有金属探测仪吗?”&“不,我没有。” 'Do you have a metal detector?'&'No, I don't. ' 申请人:不,我没有孩子。 Applicant: No, I have no...

I don't have one/I haven't got one. 我没有这东西 I didn't/I haven't. 我没有这么做

i have no apple 或者 i don't have apple

I haven't 就可以了

I am alright 我没有问题 I am fine 我很好 I have no question. 我没有问题

I haven't forgotten you. 我没有忘记你。 该句应该用现在完成时。不同的时态表示动作的时间不一样。试比较: And I also want you to be assured that I haven't forgotten you.而且我还想让你放心,我并没有忘记你。(指过去到现在为止) Don'...

I will not fall in love again because there's no one out there that's worth my love.

I'm not get angry.过去式的话 I did not get angry

I won't be free . I have no time.

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