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I don't have one/I haven't got one. 我没有这东西 I didn't/I haven't. 我没有这么做

I haven't 就可以了

No, I didn't. 不我没有 你做了家庭作业吗?不,我没有。 Did you do your homework? No, I didn't. “你有金属探测仪吗?”&“不,我没有。” 'Do you have a metal detector?'&'No, I don't. ' 申请人:不,我没有孩子。 Applicant: No, I have no...

I don't have anything that I don't like, and I don't have anything I don't like。 希望能够帮助到你

I don't have books I didn't have books I will not have books I haven't had books books are far away from me

1. i'm so sorry i didn't make myself clear 2. i'm very sorry that's me to make the things complicated 3. it's my fault to let the things go on like this 4. i'll be reposible for this whole thing. i lead things turn into that

I haven't forgotten you. 我没有忘记你。 该句应该用现在完成时。不同的时态表示动作的时间不一样。试比较: And I also want you to be assured that I haven't forgotten you.而且我还想让你放心,我并没有忘记你。(指过去到现在为止) Don'...

准确的说不好,但是提供两个意思相近的 I haven't made a decision yet.(我还没决定好) I need more time to think about that.(我还需要一点时间考虑考虑)

你好。我似乎没有希望按时到达翻译成英语是:I seem to have no way to arrive on time. ——————希望帮到你,满意请采纳。

I hardly slept last night since I was busy in preparing my English test.我昨天晚上几乎没有睡觉,因为我忙着准备我的英语考试。

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