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用young olD造句

young people should show respect to old people

My brother is too young to say some words. 这句话的意思是:我的表弟太小了还不能说话。

I’m still young. 我年龄还很校 【作表语】 He is younger than I. 他比我年龄校【比较级】 There is a young man at the door. 门口有一个年轻人。【作定语】

The young woman looks younger than her real age. 长宁天山英语组

He is young,but at least he is very smart. 他年轻但至少他很聪明。 I don't know how well this young lawyer performs in the court, but at least he's wellgrounded in the principles of such cases. 不知道这个年青律师在法庭上的表现如...

I.m a young teacher

1. When to violate guidelines 什么时候打破规则 2. When we tell our word processor to print a document, it doesn’t tell us when the paper supply is low, or when 40 other documents are queued up before us, or when another nearby ...

The boy is too young to go to school.

The animal is young.

When I wa s young,I want to be a scientist. 当我小的时候,我想当一名科学家。

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