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逾期支付 英文

逾期付款,需支付违约金:Late payment, payment of liquidated damages

发催款函,英语可选用: Reminder of Payment(付款提醒函) Notice of Delinquent Payment(欠款通知) Notice of Overdue Payment(付款逾期通知) 例: This is a reminder that your account balance of $ was overdue as of . Enclosed is ...

When we did not receive payment ,I can only contact the relevant contact person in the contract,because I don't know who else can deal with.

否则需支付逾期的仓储费;超出15天,本公司可变卖托寄物并就有关费用优先受偿。...22. 本服务条款中文版本仅供参考,以上面英文版本为准。 23. 本服务条款解释权...

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