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WhErE ArE thEy From ?

去掉they are

是不是 where are they 中文:他们在哪

where are they from? 是对的

on the playground 在操场上

where are you from这句用于表达疑问吗,意思是请问你来自哪里呢? where you're from则可以用于肯定句或者否定句,i don't care ... where you're from 意思是我不会在意。。。。。。。你来自哪里。

你好: come from = be from 意思是"来自某地" 如: Tom comes from America = Tom is from America. 希望对您有帮助!

where are they from 表示 他们来自哪里。是一个问句,只需要回答他们来自哪里就好,没有拒绝不拒绝的。

意思一回事 你写错了 应该是 Where are you from? where do you come from? 一个是系动词用法 另一个是实义动词用法 求采纳为满意回答。


they are ...(后加表示地点就行)

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