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这首歌名为《Me Against the Music》,这其实是布兰妮 斯皮尔斯的歌,麦当娜只是在其中参与创作。这首歌被收录在布兰妮非常受欢迎的专辑《In The Zone (流行禁区)》(2003)中。这首歌也是专辑的主打单曲之一。 附:全部歌词 歌手:布兰妮 斯皮...

lovestoned 的 bye bye bye when i see you looking back at me watching this eye still do your fingers and your eyes have told thousands lights but i cant tell this time what you really meant we've been crossing the wires and stil...

Girl On Fire (Blue Light Ve... 播放 歌手:Alicia Keys 语言:英语 所属专辑:Girl On Fire (Blue Light Version) 发行时间

ye,love is pain to all my brokenhearted people ……,爱对我所有的伤心人来说都是痛苦


为您解答 在我的生命里自始至终都是遇到对你好的人不难,难的是遇到一直随时随地愿意为你付出的人。

All my life,It's easier to meet people who are nice to you。 在我的一生中,更容易遇到那些对你很好的人。

歌曲名:My People 歌手:Slim Dusty 专辑:Country Livin Uhh, yo This is for my motherfucking club heads, you feel me? (Fuck, yeah!) AAAAOOWWWWWWWWWWWWW!! People, gangstas, and pimps and people Smokin that lethal reefer Up in the cl...

All my people from the front to the back nod, back nod跟随我的信众,从前至后,无不点头称是Now who thinks their arms are long enough to slapbox, ...

There are four people in my family. We all like traveling(旅游). This summer we plan to go to Tibet on vacation. But we can’t decide how to get there, because we don’t agree with each other about the question. My father wants t...

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