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ArE you gooD At working in A tEAm?

这种带有社会性的一般疑问题不一定要用Yes来回答。通常只要是肯定性的词都可以。 如:Sure. Certainly . Of course . Right.

回答:My personality is cheerful, athletic, energetic, warm and sincere. When it comes to work, I'm serious, responsible, proactive and hard working...

If team members are not getting along, examine the work processes they ...You’ll be amazed at the progress you will make in creating a teamwork ...

and good at computer skill in window XP, Word ...and work-related skills that would benefit you. ...You will find me a good team player, self-...

in the team 在队里(不一定是队员),on the team(在队里当队员)两种形式中都正确,但是该句应该用on,以证明打棒球的水平高。

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