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歌曲名:The Everglow 歌手:Mae 专辑:Everglow, The The Everglow Mae The Everglow Here's a night, and it shines. And it calls us on and on. So be here by my side, and watch the stars. They're ours. Make a wish or just take charge. ...


Everglow - Coldplay We see people coming We see people go This particular diamond Is extra special I know you might be gone And the world may not know Still I see you celestial Like a lion you ran Down to zero Like an eagle you...

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《what be you wanna be》 《god is a girl》 《I Knew肠耽斑甘职仿办湿暴溅 You Were Trouble》 《Straight Through My Heart》 《whistle》《she》《baby》 《 Hotel California》《Reality 》 《Save the Best for Last 》 《 Rhythm of the ...

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