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OK, see u,望采纳

meet,let引导的祈使句后面动词用原型 请采纳


Holding me close until our eyes meetYou won't ever be aloneAnd if you ...And I won't ever let you goWhen I'm going,I will remember how you ...

I will tell you some places of interest, or delicious fun place, let ...if we have the fate,we will meet at sometime,time is the only question...

应该将to去掉,let's后面直接加动词原形,不用加to,这是一个固定的用法,要记住哦;at 9点50分见。

right for

我们可以出去吃, 后一句的意思是 让我们六点半在我家见吧

Romeo's Tune - Pajaro Sunrise Meet me in the middle of the day Let me hear you say everything's okay Bring me southern kisses from your ...

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