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你好! let us always meet each other with a smile,for the smile is the begining of love, 让我们总是微笑相见,因为微笑是爱的开始,

OK, see u,望采纳


meet,let引导的祈使句后面动词用原型 请采纳

Let's have a meeting to talk about it.

歌名:Romeo's Tune 歌手:Pajaro Sunrise 歌词: Meet me in the middle of the day Let me hear you say everything's okay Bring me southern ...

Holding me close until our eyes meetYou won't ever be aloneAnd if you ...And I won't ever let you goWhen I'm going,I will remember how you ...

meet you all i can say is i was enchanted to meet you this night is sparkling, don't you let it go i'm wonderstruck, blushing all the way ...

let's meet you 赖次 米特 优


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