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Don't panic No not yet I know I'm the one you want to forget Cue all the love to leave my heart It's time for me to fall apart Now you're gone But I'll be okay Your hot whiskey eyes Have fanned the flames Maybe I'll burn a litt...

who does the rabbit meet then? 后来那只兔子遇到了谁呢? meet 英 [mi:t] 美 [mit] vt.& vi. 相遇; 相识; 开会; 接触(某物) vt. 满足; 迎接; 支付; 经历(常指不愉快的事) n. 运动会,体育比赛; 猎狐运动(尤其英式英语) adj. 适当的; 合...

错。 then表示那时,是个具体时间。 改为I will be attending a meeting then.

don't make walk turn not go don't drawn keep see

选择A,had better相当于助动词,不存在说是过去式,后结动词原形,根据题意,句末then一词表示那个时候,应选择A,应为将来进行时will be atteding

答案选 C、 am having 用现在进行时表将来


你好, 填to say it is + 形容词 + to do sth是一个固定句型。

表示对将来情况的主观推测 从句:①if+主语+were to do 主句:①主语+should/would/could/might+do ②if+主语+did/were ②主语+should/would/could/might+do ③if+主语+should+do ③主语+should/would/could/might+do 。。所以am改改为were。 因为then...

Hi ,how are you?Let's meet for dinner and then see a movie tonight 嗨,你好吗? 我们一起吃晚饭吧,然后今晚一起看场电影。

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