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My family I have a happy family. There are four people in my family. They are my grandma, my father, my mother and I . My grandma is over 80. She still looks healthy. My father is a worker. In my family, he is always the busies...

4 Is that your aunt? Yes,he is. No,he isn't. No,she isn't. Those are my photos. Is this map? Who are they?

What is that?那是什么


这个题目的意思是让你做一个家庭介绍。 一般是从grandparents到你的siblings, 还有uncle, aunt, cousin, niece, etc.就是家谱的树状关系。 别人可没法替你写了。

I'm a lovely girl . This's my mother and that's my father .These are my parents.This's my grandmother and grandfather.Those are my grand parents .Look! This's my brother and my sister. Oh! The girl is me .

family tree是族谱的意思,全部意思就是这是我的族谱

是要翻译吗? 我感觉句子应该是:look at my family tree,please. I am Mike, I am from the USA,I have a …… 翻译为: 请看我们的族谱图,我是Mike,来自美国,我有……

This is my family tree. Please have a look. family tree是家谱的意思。 家谱:又称族谱、宗谱等。是一种以表谱形式,记载一个家族的世系繁衍及重要...

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