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my family tree 网络 家谱制作软件; 我的家庭树; 我的家谱 双语例句 1 I ' ve started my family tree and have added a few email addresses. 我已经开始填写我的家谱,并且加上了几个电子邮件地址。

family tree是族谱的意思,全部意思就是这是我的族谱

4 Is that your aunt? Yes,he is. No,he isn't. No,she isn't. Those are my photos. Is this map? Who are they?

My family I have a happy family. There are four people in my family. They are my grandma, my father, my mother and I . My grandma is over 80. She still looks healthy. My father is a worker. In my family, he is always the busies...

My family tree    My name is Cathy. I am twelve years old. I am a student. I go to Guicheng Central Primary School. I am in Class Four, Grade Five. I am my father and mother `s good daughter. My father is Mr. Cai...


my family tree there are four people in my family, my grandmother, my father , my mother and me. i am a little girl , i am nine years old. my father is strong, he is an engineer ,he is hardworking. my mother is beautiful,she ha...

一辈一辈的画,把同一辈的写在同一行~ 像树的枝桠一样扩展~

My name is XXX. I amXX(年龄)years old. I am a student. I go to XXX(你的学校)School.,I am my father and mother `s good (daughter女儿//son儿子). My father is Mr. XX(父亲的姓). He is an office worker(办公室工作). He works in...

Family Tree Maker ? 族谱制作找教程吧

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