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rush you

sorry for pushing you 对不起,催促你了 例句 例句筛选 1. Sorry for the rush . Sorry for pushing you. 对不起,催促你了

我冲向你,而我奔向你i run to you.

you rest ,you rust,you rush,you crash 你休息,你生锈,你匆忙,你崩溃

baby I care 歌手是eva cassidy 下面是歌词 well you can give me all your love, and anything else you got to but dont play in my mind like if it seems like im acting kool well you can press me in the mirror get me kisses forever i...

rush有点毛躁的意思 感觉有点贬抑在里面 hurry 中性词

真的是You Are Everything,但应该不是Lopez唱的。 这个rush的视频里有介绍

歌曲名:Sugar Rush 歌手:Cash Cash 专辑:Take It To The Floor Ken Block - Sugar Rush I took my time I never touched When you danced you teased me All night sugar rush Just give me a taste tonight oh girl you're too much i'm burnin...

你不需要着急。 You don't need to worry.

Till The World Ends - Britney Spears This kitten got your tongue tied in knots I see Spit it out cause I'm dying for company I notice that you got it You notice that I want it You know that I can take it To the next level baby ...

rush out of 英[rʌʃ aut ɔv] 美[rʌʃ aʊt ʌv] v. 奔出; [例句]You rush out of the picture, no tears left, bearing in mind the only right you miss. 你们匆匆忙忙的离去,没有眼泪留下,心中承载的只是对...

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