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thE tEAm 吉他谱

GTP吉他谱 请查收 记得采纳 谢谢

The A Team Guitar Chords By Arthini G White lips, pale face Em Breathing in snowflakes C G C Burnt lungs, sour taste G Light's gone, day's end Em Struggling to pay rent C G C Long nights, strange men Am And they say C She's in ...

要GP5的话跟我说 G C1 G C1 G C1 G G/F# G G/f# Em White lips, pale face, breathing in snowflakes C2 G C1 Burnt lungs, sour taste G G/f# Em Light’s gone, day’s end, struggling to pay rent C2 G Long nights, strange men Am7 C3 G’ An...

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