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thErE is nothing But

there is nothing but 这只不过是 例句: Genius is nothing but labor and diligence. 才只不过是努力和勤奋。

这他妈的是罗斯福就职典礼上的一句话吧? 除了恐惧本身,没有什么东西能吓到我们。 他当时的意思就是说,人们只是畏惧心里的恐惧,突破这层恐惧,人民就能站起来了。


find 2.desert 3.enough 4.useful 5.make 6.carrying 7.moving 8.another 9.friendly 10.trouble

There was nothing much to do in the evening but read中read不是过去式,是动词原型。这里用了省略句,补全是There was nothing much to do in the evening but to read books。意思是晚上没有什么事要做,只能看书。 莎士比亚曾经说过:Brevi...

错误。 but前面有do的话,后面的不定式不带to。 正确的句子是:There is nothing to do but do.

looking up at 你把前面的nothing to do去掉 其实就是一个there be句型 be is动词后用do-ing


Nothing Left To Say 歌手:mint condition 所属专辑:《e-life (us retail)》 Artist:mint condition Songs Title:nothing left to say The words so strong At least at the beginning Who wouldve thought there'd ever be an ending We ha...

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