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我在猜你的leaned是想打learned吧? (learned:学到 leaned:靠在...上) 若是如此: 我们学到虽然一队是好的... 句子不太完整,可以把整句打出来吗

it's a real problem.keep a low tone,keep modest,keep a team spirit,keep patience,focus on ohters view more than yourself,don't offend your boss and so on... 查看原帖>>

That's great!What a team! 太好了!多好的一个团队啊! What a team! 是一个感叹句。类似的还有,如 What a noble spirit this is! 这是多么高尚的精神!

P.E. class -- 体能课,体育课。 The teacher divides the class into four teams -- 老师把我们分成4个队。 the red team is the first-it has six points -- 红队得第一,因为得到6分。 The blue team is the second-it has three points. -- ...

Colonel Yang Liwei who is an astronaut, member of the Astronaut Team of the People's Liberation Army. He was born in June 21,1965. He had a happy childhood as the son of two teachers. He used to be a good student and won many m...

D 试题分析:考查动词短语。句意: 我们看中日排球比赛,十分尽兴。Have fun doing ,做某事很有趣。故选D项。 考点: 考查动词短语

team as well as implemented new strategies to ...A: Great... Well, let me tell you that I ...We are short-listing our candidates this week, ...

A good team player 良好的团队合作精神 一个很好的队员

如果强调队伍、团队好,应该是what a great team it is . 如果强调团队里面的人好,那应该是how great they are!

这种带有社会性的一般疑问题不一定要用Yes来回答。通常只要是肯定性的词都可以。 如:Sure. Certainly . Of course . Right.

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