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That's great!What a team! 太好了!多好的一个团队啊! What a team! 是一个感叹句。类似的还有,如 What a noble spirit this is! 这是多么高尚的精神!

D 试题分析:考查动词短语。句意: 我们看中日排球比赛,十分尽兴。Have fun doing ,做某事很有趣。故选D项。 考点: 考查动词短语

A good team can get great relationship,they don't complain about each other if sth bad happening .They also can cooperate well to show thier cohesion and creative power.They know eveybody else's advantages and disadvantages so ...

D work 起作用,有效果 祝学习进步!

A good team player 良好的团队合作精神 一个很好的队员

team as well as implemented new strategies to ...A: Great... Well, let me tell you that I ...We are short-listing our candidates this week, ...

完善的公司治理制度使我们能够超越行业要求.来自互联网5. This team was above and beyond great. 这是支超一流的团队.来自互联网 展开剩余71% ...

开TeamViewer的电脑不能设置有屏幕保护,你最好把电源管理模式改一下! 电源管理里面的关闭显示器那一项都要设置成[永不关闭],不能设置关闭硬盘时间,不能设置待机时间,你如果怕太耗电可以直接按下显示器的开关将其关闭. 最好在TeamViewer的选项里...

如果强调队伍、团队好,应该是what a great team it is . 如果强调团队里面的人好,那应该是how great they are!

D good luck wish our team good luck 祝我们团队好运。

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