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Who is that girl Su Hai? 改为:What is that girl Su Hai?(What is...?......是做什么的?) That's boy. 改为:That's a boy.

你好! who's that girl? 那个女孩是谁?

可爱 lovely 漂亮 beautiful pretty good-looking 这些都可以用,希望对您有帮助,望采纳,谢谢!

EXID - Holla Whoz That Girl 그래 너를 보내줄게 그 여자와는 더 오래가기를 빌어줄게 빌...

reflection(花木兰英文主题歌) reflection look at me you may think you see who i really am but you'll never know me every day it's as if i play a part now i see if i wear a mask i can fool the world but i cannot fool my heart who...

Who is that girl, Suhai? 那个女孩是谁,苏海? 考点 Who is 网络 谁是; 是谁; 谁在; 谁 双语例句 Time will show who is right. 时间会证明谁是对的。

who are that girls?they are daughters.


这种语境用It is my sister来回答。不用she is ,,,

是who is that guy 曲名:Kimberley (Original Recording)歌手:The Courteeners专辑:圣犹达 St.Jude

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